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My name is Carson Weitnauer and I started Reasons for God in order to resolve your doubts and renew your purpose in life.

Throughout the blog, my goal is to maintain a respectful and inviting tone to the conversation.  If you think I’ve fallen short of that standard, please let me know.

The Longer Version…

Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, my fascination with philosophy, theology and apologetics started in high school. I then specialized in philosophy during my undergraduate degree at Rhodes College and at Oxford University (study abroad), and broadened my studies to include theology and Biblical studies while obtaining an M.Div. degree at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

For ten years I served as a campus pastor, interacting with students about the whole range of life’s big questions. My first year was an internship with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at Emory University. I continued to serve with InterVarsity for two years in Memphis at Rhodes College and then for another four years at Harvard University. After seven years with InterVarsity, I founded Telos Ministries with the support of my church home, Church of the Cross. Through Telos Ministries, I and a staff team mentored students at Harvard, Boston College Law School, Boston University, and other schools in Boston.

I co-edited the anthology True Reason and I co-authored StartBook, a resource for visionary entrepreneurs.

In 2013, my wife and I returned to Atlanta. We are the happy parents of two wonderful children.

You can follow me on Twitter @Reasons for God.

Behind the Scenes:

The ‘three circles’ logo represents the ‘therefore’ symbol. Three dots, arranged in a triangle, are used to represent the conclusion of an argument. They also hint at the Trinity, three persons in one God.

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Thank you for your time and attention.

I hope that Reasons for God will strengthen your life that you might love God and your neighbor with an abundance of joy, self-forgetfulness, and simple kindness.