Delighting in the Trinity by Michael Reeves — A Book Review

Recently a subscriber to Reasons for God wrote and asked me, “Can you recommend any in-depth books on the Trinity?” This question spurred me to research, and ended with me encountering one of the most enjoyable, practical, and insightful theological texts I’ve ever read: Delighting in …

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Nine Books For A New Apologist

I want to recommend nine books for starting an apologetics library. These books are accessible to a motivated high school student (and middle schooler), but also respect the intelligence of adult readers of all ages. They are serious books for a serious subject. In general, my …

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The Making of a Leader by Robert Clinton – A Book Review

This is a book about spiritual dynamics. Effective spiritual ministry flows out of being, and God is concerned with our being. He is forming it. The patterns and processes He uses to shape us are worthwhile subjects for leadership study. Those who study patterns and …

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Cold-Case Christianity by J. Warner Wallace – A Book Review

Cold-Case Christianity, by retired cold-case detective J. Warner Wallace, has been strongly endorsed by Rick Warren, Lee Strobel, Craig Hazen, and Greg Koukl. And either due to a tremendous marketing campaign or great word of mouth (or both), the book has racked up nearly 200 …

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On Guard by William Lane Craig – A Book Review

On Guard, by Dr. William Lane Craig, is an excellent introductory text on Christian apologetics. It is, therefore, a good resource for both Christians and those interested in Christianity alike. The book is organized in a logical fashion, starting with the nature of apologetics (‘the …

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Flight: The Genius of Birds – A Review

As you may have heard, there is a tremendous debate about the best explanation for the emergence of all the many varieties of living things on our planet. As the documentary Flight: the genius of birds notes, we have discovered over a million animal species, with perhaps five million more to be discovered! How did all of this diversity emerge?

The culturally dominant opinion is that a random, unguided, and naturalistic evolution best accounts for the flourishing of so many creatures. In some quarters, to even ask probing, thoughtful questions about the adequacy of this theory is tantamount to a declaration of war against science. And from some religious groups, mainstream scientists are sometimes called the worst names. With so much acrimony, it is hardly a conversation that most of us want to participate in!

So what did I love about the documentary Flight?

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The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus by Gary Habermas and Michael Licona — A Book Review

Are you considering if you want to become a Christian? Then you need to know if Jesus bodily rose from the dead.

Are you already a Christian? Then you need to know if Jesus bodily rose from the dead – both for greater confidence in your own beliefs and to be prepared to answer the most important question your curious friends have about Christianity.

In either case, then, you need to not just read, but study, The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus by Gary Habermas and Michael Licona. (In two other posts, I’ve summarized and simplified for memorization the argument of the book).

Currently, this book is my #1 recommendation for studying the evidence for the resurrection.

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I Told Me So by Gregg Ten Elshof – A Book Review

In a culture that often prizes authenticity above all else, there is no greater sin than self-deception. Ironically, this facilitates self-deception, because the intensified pressure to be authentic significantly raises the cost of admitting to our ongoing self-deception. So says Dr. Gregg Ten Elshof in his witty, enjoyable, and yet immensely convicting book i told me so: self-deception and the christian life.

In other words: wake up. Self-deception is a major problem in our culture and we are… deceiving ourselves when we ignore and dismiss this important truth.

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