Does the Gospel of Mark Claim that Jesus is God?

One of the more challenging claims against the Christian faith is the historical claim that the earliest writings about Jesus don’t even claim that Jesus was God.

After all, if the earliest biographers didn’t worship Jesus as God, why, the question goes, should we? If Jesus’ divinity is a later, legendary, and mythological development, then there’s no point in maintaining that fiction.

In this post, let’s consider, first, Dr. Bart Ehrman’s statement of the problem, and then, a rebuttal of this claim from the opening lines of the Gospel of Mark.

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A Collision with God – A Sermon on Mark 10:35-45

“A Collision with God” is a sermon on Mark 10:35-45, given on June 24th, 2012, at a regional worship gathering for Church of the Cross in Boston, MA.

You are welcome to give this sermon in other contexts (for instance, at a church service), but please do not reproduce the written text elsewhere.

Passage: Mark 10:35-45 (read at Bible Gateway – link opens in new window)

Let’s start our time together with some honesty. Who do you relate to best?

James and John, the other disciples, or Jesus?

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