We All Want Love

There are a lot of unending processes in the world.  Crops will always need rain.  Cars need maintenance.  Dishes have to be washed, clothes need to be cleaned, floors must be swept and mopped.

We all have similar, equally insatiable desires.  Children will always need encouragement and opportunity.  Spouses will always want appreciation and affection.  Employees want to be respected and rewarded.

At the heart of this is the universal desire to be loved.

The yearning for love remains even for celebrities.  Think of iconic entertainers like Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe, both of whom died from a drug overdose.  More recent examples include Tiger Woods and Eliot Spitzer.  Tabloids thrive by publishing the innumerable downfalls of the rich and famous.

Nearly 25% of Americans say they have no one to discuss matters important to them.

We all want to be loved.  What if there was a God of infinite love?  What if this God could be known, could become a Friend?  Would gladly listen to your prayers night and day, dwell with you, and offer a completeness of love far sweeter and superior to any human love?

If this is even a possibility, then the rational choice is to see if it is actually true.  Wishful thinking and self-deception aren’t going to deal with our genuine need for love; all romance novels (or pornographic videos) come to an end.  We need someone with substance, that’s real, to satisfy our cravings for love.

If you want this kind of love in your life, then it makes sense to see if the God of the Bible actually exists.